The Winner Takes It All is a song recorded by ABBA. It was the first song from the album Super Trouper released as a single, on July 21 1980. It is a ballad in the F-sharp major key which reflects the end of a relationship. The B-side to the single was Elaine, which was not released on the Super Trouper album. It was the first ABBA song released in 7 months and reached No.1 in many countries, including in the UK, where it was the group's eighth number one. In the United States, it was their final top 10 hit.

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Marstrand Societetshuset

The Societetshuset in Marstrand in 2013, where the music video was filmed.

The music video for the song was recorded on July 12 1980 in Marstrand, Sweden and was directed by Lasse Hallström.

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