Mamma Mia is a cover version of ABBA's Mamma Mia by Austin Weber. It was recorded in Kyoto, Japan and was released on September 10 2018.


Austin Weber had planned a trip to Japan with his girlfriend, but she broke up with him before the trip, so he took his father, John Weber instead, where they recorded the song. The song's lyrics are slightly modified from ABBA's original lyrics. The music is a more modern interpretation of the original composition.


The song was released on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Platform Plays
YouTube 9,900,000+
Spotify 11,200,000+
Apple Music

Lyrics & video[]


Austin Weber - Mamma Mia

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The lyrics are almost identical to ABBA's original version. The music video was filmed in Kyoto, Japan, in the Kamo River, at approximately 34.9978°N, 135.7687°E.

Mamma Mia! The Anniversary Vinyl[]

Mamma Mia was released on vinyl on February 18 2020 in the United Kingdom. It featured an instrumental only version of Mamma Mia as its B-side.[1]


  • Vocals, synthesizer, mixing, editing - Austin Weber
  • Camera - John Weber
  • Mastering - Nick Zampiello