Disillusion is a ballad written and sung by Agnetha Fältskog for ABBA's 1973 album Ring Ring. It is the only ABBA song on which Agnetha receives credit as a songwriter. The lyrics were written by Björn Ulvaeus. The song was recorded on March 14 1973.

A Swedish re-recording was later released on Agnetha's solo album Elva kvinnor i ett hus in 1975 as Mina Ögon.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Bass - Mike Watson

Drums - Ola Brunkert

Guitar - Björn Ulvaeus, Janne Schaffer

Keyboard - Benny Andersson

Lyrics - Björn Ulvaeus

Vocals - Agnetha Fältskog

Disillusion on YouTube[edit | edit source]



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