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To-do list[edit source]

Project started June 27, 2019

  1. Create articles for all ABBA-related topics on Wikipedia, list at ABBA Wiki:Wikipedia articles.
  2. Create articles for all topics on ABBA Omnibus, list at ABBA Wiki:ABBA Omnibus topics
  3. Create pages listed on ABBA Wiki:Articles for creation
  4. Create articles for all redlinks on Special:Wantedpages
  5. Expand articles with information from Wikipedia, Discogs and ABBA Omnibus

When expanding articles, it is also good to add information to articles the subject of the article is mentioned in, and other articles mentioned in the article being expanded.

Notability[edit source]

Level 1 Articles (vital)[edit source]

Level 1 Articles refer to members of ABBA (including Stig Anderson), songs, albums and videos released by ABBA, whether as part of a group or solo compositions.

Level 2 Articles (supplementary)[edit source]

Level 2 Articles refer to any subject or person mentioned on any Level 1 page, such as filming locations and co-writers of ABBA songs.

Any other specialist topic not relevant for its own article on the ABBA Wiki may be created as a redirect to the relevant Wikipedia article or other source.

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